Internet of things

The world is changing with the Internet of Things; processes are becoming more efficient and new services are being created. We can assist you in developing services, portals, mobile apps and, above all, analyze data so you can reduce costs, streamline and find new opportunities for your business.


Sens is a holistic solution with everything you need to get started with your IoT drive.

There are various sensors and devices that we have worked with and integrated in the past, which you quickly can get started with. If you want, we will help you to integrate your own ideas and own sensors in a short time. With Sens, 80 percent of the work has already been done. The solution is scalable, you get access to APIs, real-time analysis and device management at once.


AppIoT is the application that manages your network of sensors. With AppIoT you can analyze and process huge amounts of data in real time. The information is displayed in a user-friendly portal and can be linked to, for example, maintenance systems and BI solutions.

With the help of AppIoT you can connect your business systems with your products. AppIoT can act on data provided by the sensors in real time and also create issues for your CRM system, business system or maintenance system.


With the administration and customer APIs, you can easily develop, design and create your own user interfaces or customer portals based on Sensation.

We have integrated many different sensor platforms with AppIoT. In some cases we can re-use the integrations for your project, in some cases the integrations are customer-specific.

Examples of sensor platforms
- SmartThings
- Axis cameras
- Libelium
- B + B SmartWorx
- BrickStream
- Netatmo
- Smappee
- Whittings
- Industry PC, BacNet, KNX etc
- CoalaLife, Heart Sensor

We have also worked with other types of integrations, including measurements from energy systems and data on weather conditions from open data platforms. All of this can help to place your facts in a context and thereby give you valuable insights.


Storage: All data integrated into AppIoT accumulates in real time. All data is collected in a constant flow in real time, and with a resolution that matches your needs. (Min, Max, Avg, Variance, First, Last, No. of measurements)

Prediction: AppIoT can be integrated with your own machine learning script, which gives the opportunity to predict, for example, health on machines. This is done in real time with the help of AppIoT's ability to generate data. In this way you always get real time predictions that you can act on.

Events: You yourself define all the integrations you need with AppIoT. We connect your processes and take advantage of the tools you are currently working on. No additional systems are needed to work with your processes. Once you have defined your events, you get all the information you need to integrate safely.

Security: AppIoT is designed with a focus on security. There is no reason to have any open ports in your hardware when using Sensation.

Client API: We have a client API that is used to collect purchase data from integrated systems.

Administration API: Used to manage during the build-up phase of new services in AppIoT.

Real-time engine: We use a proven real-time engine with enormous capacity. The functions based on this engine are aggregates, coding, rules, triggers and events.

A place for your data: We have customers who handle all their metrics in AppIoT to easily manage monitoring of real estate, machines and the smart office. AppIoT's simplicity for integration and security offers great opportunities for easily collecting and analyzing, and making your data available in order to break up silo solutions.


- Overall solution
- Possible to adapt to your business needs
- Easy to use and intuitive
- Can deliver solutions as a service
- Scalable solution
- Possible to develop solution further
- Developed with a focus on safety
- Standardized object definition and data protocol


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