Internet of things

The world is changing with the Internet of Things; processes are becoming more efficient and new services are being created. We can assist you in developing services, portals, mobile apps and, above all, analyze data so you can reduce costs, streamline and find new opportunities for your business.


All industries can benefit from IoT, initially to streamline, reduce costs and simplify working days.


Reduce your downtime and minimize expensive repairs with well-planned maintenance, through predictive systems, with easy monitoring.

A safe working environment through, for example, the monitoring of vibration and air quality.

With our package solutions MES Light and Rapid AI / IOT Program, you can quickly get started with monitoring and analysis.


Can you have environmentally efficient construction sites? We help construction companies to develop ways to analyze how they design new real estate and construction sites.

This contributes to more climate-smart and efficient construction processes, change and improvement of invasive design specifications and solutions that, after the construction date, turn into smart management support.


Begin monitoring and acting on the data gathered in your property and extend this, by adding sensors that provide you with data about how the property is being used. The smart office: you decide what matters to you.


Sense is a perfect solution for the smart and intelligent city. AppIoT is used in some of the world's largest IoT projects for Smart Cities.


Care is an area that will undergo major changes, thanks to the great potential of digital transformation. We can help you get started and get on with eHealth, develop strategies and develop digital solutions for better resource utilization and quality of care.


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