Internet of things

The world is changing with the Internet of Things; processes are becoming more efficient and new services are being created. We can assist you in developing services, portals, mobile apps and, above all, analyze data so you can reduce costs, streamline and find new opportunities for your business.

Analytics on everything

We can help you meet tomorrow’s challenges. With analytics and insight, we ensure that you develop your ideas and make grounded decisions for your business.


The connected world is developing at furious speed. Change in industry is inevitable and brand new business areas are continuously emerging.

A well-considered IoT strategy is vital for securing your position in an ever more flexible and fast-changing market.


Sense is a holistic solution that uses Ericsson's IoT platform AppIoT to quickly connect existing sensors. In a very short timeframe, you can visualize data that you may not have access to today, or that which is spread across a number of different system solutions. 

Kickstart your IoT project with Sigma's solutions, then you've made it through the first 80 percent of your IoT project. We will help you with the rest.


Within analysis, a revolution is currently underway. The cloud accelerates this development with its agility and access to new services and functions for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We have a program that helps you embrace new technology in data science. This is what we call the Rapid AI / IoT Program.


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